This is Elona's website. Congrats! You found it!

Online, I create Planet Saving Websites and media. I only build sites for folks who are doing their darndest to leave the Earth better than they found it.

Clients include:

Tabor Bread
5 Gyres
Marcus Eriksen
Intergenerational Finance
Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve

If you're interested in getting a site built by me and managed by me, or managed by you, with support from me when needed, then email ME (@) ELONATROGUB.COM

Offline, I grow and process food, build soil, save and share seeds, try to make or trade for my needs, learn, share what I've learned, write, create music and play long-forgotten songs, forage, hunt, fish, eat like a king and live like a pauper. My online work supports my offline work because right now our society doesn't really offer a living wage for these activities.
If you'd like to read about my thoughts on how we got to this moment and where to go from here, read my undergrad thesis from PSU

Here's a song I wrote and then turned into a karaoke video: